BillTaylor WH Cheat

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  • Banned!
    Server ElitePomoika was not in Vietnam before. I somehow went to play in Vietnam. I was just amazed by the number of scammers! And they did what they wanted! After that, I asked the boss to create a Vietnamese server.I don't play much in Vietnam right now. And you play constantly there. Thank you, Commando! :thumbup:
    большой брат следит за тобой ;)
  • You did the great job. Players must to know that, because this server(Vietnam - ElitePomoika) is the only one where cheaters can't pass... Every time when i play Vietnam, i prefer this server and calling the other players(friends). I like combination of rush, conquest mode of this server(not boring). I played Bad Company 2 too, but cheaters ruin the game easy, because wh, aimbot, modern weapons and you no have a chance... Vietnam is somehow easier to play vs cheaters, but not solution...

    Come to Vietnam sometimes. I can't catch a cheaters alone, too many of them :) But i don't recommend you to use this nickname(BladeRunner), they all know who you are, and no cheaters when you play, but when you go out of the game, they appear... You can use some noob nickname(non suspicious) and catch them ;)
    You can check me too, why not :D

    All the best :thumbup:
  • Bro, I almost never use the nickname Bladerunner in the game (very rarely). I play under other nicknames. And the fact that I am an admin, they know very few players. We (you and I) are very similar in actions (how to catch cheaters correctly). I'm just like you hiding and waiting for the cheater to kill me. Bro, of course I checked you long ago (for cheat use). ;) I admit, I thought WH cheater. But when I played, I realized that you are not a cheater! :) And thanks for the appreciation of our humble work as an administrator!
    большой брат следит за тобой ;)