~TeZaR~ WallHack Cheat

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  • ~TeZaR~ WallHack Cheat

    Hi all. I joined to this forum, because i believe we can play without cheaters or at least to reduce them on ElitePomoika servers... I play Vietnam, sometimes Bad Company 2. For now, ElitePomoika server(Vietnam) is the only one who can ban cheaters, because this forum. Other servers don't work, because forums are "dead" and they are free for cheaters.

    Played on ElitePomoika server:

    Other videos are played on B3 Funserver, and can help you when they come to this server...

    I like to play this game on ElitePomoika server with my friends, but almost always some cheater or cheaters come and ruin the game...
    So i hope, admins will do something about that...


  • Thank you bro! In an hour I will reach the computer and give a ban to cheater! Thanks again!

    Server Elitpomoyka vietnam was specially created for the game without cheaters. Until that time in Vietnam it was simply impossible to play! There were a lot of cheaters there! We can defeat them only together!

    And you're cool on the helicopter fly (I remember)
    большой брат следит за тобой ;)

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  • Thank you. I appreciate your hard work. There are a lot of players and you can't catch the all cheaters... But they fall soon or later... If i already play the game and spot the cheater(ElitePomoika), it's not hard to me to report him here and help this server to works better. As you said, only together we can make it :thumbup:

    I only hope that, the banned players will create new accounts, and start to play clean. Unfortunately, some cheaters are hopeless, but they will get the ban again and again...

    Stay well and happy game :)