Unban appeal by Kenijz

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  • Unban appeal by Kenijz

    В сообщении нужно указывать:
    1. Ваш никнейм в игре - kenijz
    2. Время бана -
    Sunday, 12/02/2017 (17:28)

    3. Сервер на котором Вы были забанены - Valparaiso/ Isla only
    4. Кем были забанены -
    Cheating (by Biggie)

    5. Причину бана - cheating, thats it, no explanation

    I know russian language, but cant type in it. I was playing on your server this evening, just casual game on Valparaiso, our team was getting fuc***. Was playing with my trusty SPAS-12 as always, and endless motion sensor spam. Was getting pretty nice kills, score was about 30-6 or something, cant really say,and i got banned. Didnt seem that i was doing something suspicious, just were hitting my shots well, cur 12gage shotgun can kill you instantly with 1 shot on close-medium range.

    This has happened to me on others servers too, people assume i just "cheat" but i use motion sensors and just smart plays. Been playing bfbc from 2011 with pauses, and decided to try it again like month ago. I know every corner form top of my head in isla and valparaiso, i have played those maps for over 1000+ h, i dont know how to check, but i have 2000+h on this account, and this is my only character that i play.

    Gameplay from today-

    better kills after 15 minutes

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  • Hello,I'm glad that you made an appeal so I can make things clear.First of all if you post a gameplay,I reccomend that it should be a gameplay where you have been banned.This video could be appear after you get banned just to provide some "evidence".Also,I didn't start to play yesterday and your score in-game is not important at all,important is the "style of play".I was hiding behind the rock and I didn't heard the motion sensor even if my concetration was fully directed into the game and then you jumped like a crazy guy and shoot me in the head....okay I forget you,but after that I was tracing you a while and the things I saw just made my doubt clearly.I will unban you but keep in mind that you have been watched from now on!You have your second chance - take it or leave it!
  • Thanks for unban, i really appreciate it.
    About the gameplay- i could not upload that gameplay, because i dont record when i play, this was my first time recording BFBC2 ever, so i uploaded some gameplay i did later after got banned on your server. Cant recall the moment when i shot you behind the rock, but as you know, hitboxes and lag compesation sometimes works wonders, and you die when you are behind walls or rocks, but on other players screen you are visible, if i would recall that moment, maybe i could explain, but sorry. My PC isnt that good, i play on 720p and low settings, to get the max fps, and still it sometimes drops low.